Everyone is wondering what Square-Enix might unveil at this week's Tokyo Games Show – the Final Fantasy VII PS3 remake, we pray – and there's one whole room dedicated to their popular Kingdom Hearts franchise. This has sparked immediate debate and speculation around the Internet, and recent Japanese magazine info has only fueled such speculation.

According to some leaked scans from Japanese mag V-Jump, it's apparently confirmed that Square-Enix is currently hard at work on a new Kingdom Hearts . Details are a little sketchy at this time, but there is some information we can take from those scans:

Rumors of a Kingdom Hearts III have been flying for a while now, and anyone who beat KH II knows it's a definite possibility (per that extra cinema after the credits roll). But Square-Enix has been pretty tight-lipped about it. Perhaps the Tokyo Game Show is where the RPG veteran publisher lets it all hang out…

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