Update: We've been informed by THQ that the PS3 version of Conan has never been delayed; both the PS3 and 360 versions will ship on October 23 in the US. The game is already available in Europe, as both versions released on September 28.

Original Story:

Perhaps one of the more promising action titles of the year is THQ's Conan the Barbarian , but it seems PS3 owners will have to wait an extra couple of weeks. This seems to be following the same time schedule as Midway's Stranglehold , which released first on the Xbox 360 and two weeks later on the PS3.

THQ recently moved the Nihilistic-developed Conan up from the original October release date to September 29, but apparently, this only counts for the Xbox 360 version. Later yesterday, THQ unveiled its newest release schedule, and it seems the PS3 version holds an October 12 date for both the U.S. and Europe. This is hardly the first time a PS3 version of a multiplatform game has been delayed for a bit, and it's getting just a tad annoying. But hey, it's only a few weeks, right?

They didn't provide a specific reason for the cause of the delay, but for the record, THQ's Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights hits shelves for the Xbox 360, PS2, and DS next week…while the PS3 and PSP versions won't arrive until next month. Let's just hope they get in the swing of things with Sony's new hardware before long.

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