The loss of PR boss Dave Karraker left a big hole at Sony, and in the wake of that loss, they've created a new position…and a new face to go with the position.

Sony has hired former Sega marketing vice-president Scott Steinberg; he'll be taking the role of North American product marketing vice-president. Sony says Steinberg will report directly to its senior VP of marketing and the PlayStation Network, Peter Dille. Steinberg will be responsible for all PlayStation hardware, software and channel marketing once he begins work on October 1.

Besides his executive position at Sega, the new Sony employee has also worked in the marketing arm of other major companies like Eidos Interactive, Crystal Dynamics, Roxio/Napster and Liquid Audio. Steinberg's tenure with Sega included time spent during the Genesis era evaluating development and licensed properties, and while he was at Roxio, the company re-launched Napster as a legal digital music service.

Sony is clearly quite happy with their recent acquisition, and Dille had this to say-

"We are thrilled to have Scott join our team as he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the PlayStation marketing staff and the management group here at SCEA. Scott has an ideal blend of experience in digital entertainment and content delivery as well as a proven track record for strategic innovation and implementation within this industry. He will be a critical component for the success of our marketing efforts across the PlayStation brand moving forward."

We all miss Karraker, but hey, Sony isn't about to hire a nobody to help replace him. Steinberg has a pretty darn impressive resume, so it seems like a good fit.

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