Because it's only right to do so, we're adding more to the fuel that drives the Final Fantasy VII remake fire. Gamers who have purchased the recently released collector's edition Crisis Core: FFVII for the PSP have found a page inside of it that further shows that the Final Fantasy VII remake is very well underway. The page in question shows images from the Final Fantasy VII PS3 tech-demo (which was a remake of the FFVII introduction) and on the page it reads:

"We hope to meet Final Fantasy VII again!"

Good God, Square-Enix what are you doing to our poor souls? You are toying with a bunch of hungry hobos, by waving a steak over our heads. Enough of this charade, already. If come this week's Tokyo Game Show, Square-Enix doesn't announce a PlayStation 3 remake, I will have a meltdown of epic proportions.

Credit goes to JeuxFrance for the image.

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