August was Madden month. And so it comes as no surprise that
Madden dominated every other franchise for the month. The Xbox
360 version outsold the PlayStation 2 version, proving that
gamers are willing to step-up into the HD world. Nearly 900k
units of Madden '08 were Xbox 360 versions. Meanwhile 643k were
PlayStation 2 versions. The PlayStation 3 version sold
surprisingly well, moving 336k prints.

The game in between Madden ended up being the much highly praised
Bioshock for Xbox 360. Bioshock sold 491k copies. Further down
the chart, Metroid Prime 3 didn't sell as well as many had hoped.
The aging Wii Play outsold it consideraby. And Guitar Hero II
remains on the top 10, but only the PS2 version. Shockingly
enough, the 11th best seller in August was the Xbox version of
Madden 08 – it outsold the Nintendo Wii version, which was in

Now, for the 2-3 days that Lair and Warhawk were on sale in
August, NPD tracked an impressive 47k copies of Lair sold, and
fantastic 59k for the Warhawk w/headset bundle. It'd be
interesting to know what's Warhawk's total sales, including the
downloadable version on the PlayStation Network.

360 Madden NFL 08 896.6K
PS2 Madden NFL 08 643.6K
360 BioShock 490.9K
PS3 Madden NFL 08 336.2K
Wii Wii Play w/Remote 256.8K
Wii Metroid Prime3: Corruption 218.1K
Wii Mario Strikers: Charged 147.4K
PS2 Guitar Hero 2 w/Guitar 145.4K
Wii Mario Party 8 138.3K
PS2 Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80S 127.1K

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