The Tokyo Game Show is frequently the event most developers and publishers use to unveil gigantic announcements, and sometimes, we get a little taste beforehand.

The Activate Asia 2007 show – held in Cairns a few days ago – offered attendees the chance to get their hands on Devil May Cry 4 , but that wasn't all: Capcom said they're preparing "three huge announcements" for TGS 2007 next week. They said to expect the big news to come on Wednesday, September 19, and apparently, some sites already have the juicy info. Australian gaming site GamePlayer reports that Capcom has already revealed this "big 3" to them, but they're not allowed to divulge the details just yet.

Well, let the guessing game begin. Perhaps Resident Evil 5 will be a PS3 exclusive…however unlikely that may seem. Or maybe they're bringing DMC to the PSP. Or perhaps they're announcing a brand new next-generation franchise. Whatever the three huge announcements are, we'll be sure to pay close attention on the 19th.

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