The rumors of a new 40GB PS3 model are coming closer and closer to verification. In response to the blockbuster that will be Halo 3 this month, one analyst believes we'll hear the announcement of a new 40GB model and a PS2 price drop at the Tokyo Game Show next week.

In his latest note to investors, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter believes the massively anticipated Xbox 360 shooter will surpass 3 million in U.S. sales during the first 12 days. In turn, this could help Microsoft sell over 400,000 360 consoles in September, which would be their highest total number for a non-holiday month since the system's launch in 2005. In addition, he believes that if all these rumors of a $399 40GB PS3 and a PS2 price cut are actually true, there'd be no better time to make that announcement than at TGS 2007.

“We think that both of these ideas have merit, and note that Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai is the keynote speaker at next week’s Tokyo Game Show. If the rumors are true, we cannot think of a better forum for making such an announcement, given that the event is less than a week before the launch of archrival Microsoft’s Halo 3," Pachter wrote. "Should Sony choose to cut prices next week, we think that hardware sales will trend much higher for the balance of the year, and we are prepared to revise our 18% sales growth estimate upward.”

Lastly, the analyst once again issued his expectation that the 80GB PS3 should be ready for a price cut – down to $499 – before Thanksgiving arrives. If and when that happens, we'll be sure to let you know immediately.

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