Warhawk has had its fair share of issues so far, but maybe Sony and Incognito are prepared to fix any all problems with a maintenance update scheduled for early this morning.

New owners of this great online flight/action title have been complaining of a number of things: firstly and most importantly has been the mysterious disappearance of accrued stats and rankings, which has been immensely frustrating for avid players. But there have also been connection complaints – perhaps spawned by that faulty v1.92 PS3 firmware update – and other general server complaints, like failed connections with erroneous "Game is full" messages. Obviously, this kinda puts a damper on a highly addictive game, but we're hoping this update will fix some of the aforementioned issues.

If you logged on to the Warhawk network yesterday, you probably saw the message: they'll be bringing down the servers for maintenance between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. this morning. They don't say why and we haven't found any evidence as to the specifics of this maintenance, but we're hoping some wrongs get righted today. We'll let you know if any news breaks on this, or if this was nothing more than scheduled downtime that didn't really change anything.

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