With the price-drop of the PlayStation 3 behind it, the
anticipation of August's NPD results hasn't been nearly as tense
as was the wait for July's. Nevertheless, they are here, and the
results are both shocking and disappointing. We start off with
the shock. Fueled by a slight drop in price, the Xbox 360
actually saw over a 100k increase in sales, with 277k consoles
sold. The Nintendo Wii continues to sell above everyone's
expectations, moving another 404k units of stock. The Nintendo DS
trails right behind it with 383k units sold.

And now the bad…sales for Sony fell across the board. The
PlayStation 2 dropped 20k units to 202k. The PSP sharply slides
down to 151k sold after selling a fantastic 214k last month. And
the PlayStation 3 loses 30k in sales, with only 130k systems
sold. Surprisingly, for the month of August, only the Xbox 360
saw an increase in sales, as even Nintendo lost sales across the
board (as minimal as they were). The holidays are up and coming,
and with rumors of another price-cut for the PlayStation 3
looming, things should surely get interesting.

August 2007:

Nintendo Wii 403.6 K
Nintendo DS 383.3K
Xbox 360 276.7K
Sony PS2 202K
Sony PSP 151.2 K
Sony PS3 130.6K
Nintendo GBA 69.5K

July 2007:

Nintendo Wii 425 k
Nintendo DS 405 k
Sony PS2 222k
Sony PSP 214k
Xbox 360 170k
Sony PS3 159k
Nintendo GBA 87k

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