We inch ever closer to the Tokyo Game Show – it kicks off on the 20th – and while we wait, we scan around for interesting developer and publisher updates regarding the show. Who's bringing what? What can we expect from the big boys? Well, we now know what to expect from Kojima Productions, and it's plenty big news for all you die-hard MGS fans out there.

We figured we'd be seeing more of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots at TGS 2007, but we had no idea it would be playable . According to a Kotaku Podcast, Kojima Productions' Ryan Payton revealed that both MGS4 and Metal Gear Online would be playable at next week's show. He said the MGS4 demo starts you off in a tutorial-like section known as the "briefing area" where the player learns about the controls, but wouldn't add any further specifics. Yup, this means only one thing: feedback from attendees who finally got a chance to play the newest – and last? – Metal Gear !

Payton also said to expect another never-before-seen trailer at the event, which we could've expected (and in fact, Konami or Kojima may have already announced that a few weeks ago). But Payton wanted to clarify that the video might be giving "too much" away, so perhaps fans should avoid it…would there really be big story spoilers in a trailer? We can't imagine Kojima would do such a thing. But hey, we'll be sure to get our hands on that trailer, and we'll let ya know if you should watch. We'll sacrifice ourselves to the potential dreaded spoiler, just for you. Because we're all about you, the reader.

No, seriously.

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