Hmm…it seems Sony is getting a little risqué with the concept of PlayStation Home.

According to a recent post over at the ThreeSpeech blog, Sony chiefs have confirmed that the upcoming PS3 online service will feature special areas reserved for those 18 years of age and up. This includes Mature-rated trailers for games and movies along with the possibility of online casinos. But make no mistake- Sony plans to protect these rooms, so no sneakin' in for the youngsters. Here is one of the quotes that hinted at some adult-oriented options for Home:

"For instance, a casino or even somewhere you can go and see 18-rated trailers for games. That isn’t anything particularly sinister, but obviously, you’d have to prevent 12-year-olds going in there. Obviously, there are other 18-plus areas that you could imagine, but some of those might not come to fruition. But we have the ability to age-protect areas, and I think that’s something that we will inevitably make use of."

Well, we might've expected this. The only thing that may indicate actual adult entertainment is the age limit: 18. See, Mature-rated games are considered "R," which is restricted to anyone under the age of 17. 18 is the age reserved for voting and…well, one other thing. If they were only planning to present "M" – or "R" – rated things, that numbers should be 17…but it's not. It's 18. We'll let you chew on that, but in the end, this is just another expansion on Home, and that's good news.

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