You could call it Yakuza 3 or Yakuza: Kenzan! , but either way, you're going to have to call it a PS3 exclusive.

The original title for the PS2 turned some heads, and since then, everyone has been clamoring for another installment. The game brought you into the intimidating underground of the legendary Japanese mafia, known as the Yakuza. You played as one kick-ass main character, searching for both truth and revenge, and the gameplay focused on a little bit of exploration and a lot of butt-kicking throughout. This new one is definitely a lot different, though.

The latest issue of Famitsu shed some light on the project; this Yakuza title takes place in 1605 Japan (the Edo period), and you will play as one of the country's most famous swordsmen and the author of the Book of Five Rings, Musashi Miyamoto. So no, it's hardly a modern setting, but you will have to master four very different combat styles: weaponless (hand-to-hand), one sword, two swords, and broadsword (great sword). It may or may not be the kind of game fans of the original expected, but hey, it oughta be fun.

This new PS3 exclusive is scheduled to arrive in early 2008, but at this point, it has only been confirmed for Japan.

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