We always look forward to unique and singular titles; games that provide us with a relatively new experience and hold their own against the big boys. This what we're expecting from Take-Two Interactive's crime drama for the PS3, L.A. Noire . Unfortunately, it seems we'll have to wait a lot longer than we thought before we can sample the goods.

Take-Two has decided to move this title out of their fiscal year 2008 release schedule according to a conference call that occurred yesterday (source: Kotaku). It's a Rockstar Games production and was first announced way back in the summer of 2005, but now it probably won't hit until some time in 2009. We found out it'd be a PS3 exclusive a few months ago, much to the delight of many a PS3 owner. L.A. Noire is part of a multi-title Take-Two exclusive deal with Sony, but we really haven't heard or seen much of anything just yet. Well, obviously there's a reason…they're just not very far along in development, it seems.

As a side note, the PSP rhythm title, Beaterator , has also slipped into 2009. And while we never really had a concrete release date for L.A. Noire , it's still disappointing to learn it won't show up next year.

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