Ars technica apparently has a very reliable mole on the inside – he has already made two Xbox 360-related reports that got confirmed – so we're going to hope he's right about this: it's the pricing strategy for the PS3 and PS2 this holiday season, and if it's true, it's gonna blow the doors off the industry's news community.

We've all been wondering when we might see a price drop for the newly introduced 80GB PS3, which currently sits at the original launch price of the 60GB PS3 ($599). The 60GB PS3, which dropped to $499 in July, is rapidly disappearing from store shelves, and Sony has announced they will no longer be manufacturing the item. Now, analysts believe we can expect a price drop on the new model by the end of the year, and according to this source, they're correct. Here's a look at the leaked info-

Perhaps we could've expected the first and last lines there, but that 40GB PS3 with a potential Spidey pack-in is awfully intriguing. Does Sony plan to offer a 40GB PS3 in addition to the 80GB PS3, or is this just a limited time thing? We can't be sure, but we do know that the 80GB PS3 price drop should work wonders for the holiday season, and we're also not really surprised to see that new $100 price tag for the PS2. The most dominant video game system in history continues to push, and if you thought last Christmas was the last hurrah for the ol' PS2, you were sorely mistaken.

It's very possible that we'll see this announcement in a couple weeks at the Tokyo Game Show, but if the rumor gets debunked before then, we'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, it appears Sony has stepped up and done what's necessary: make their products all the more attractive for the holidays.

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