Japanese magazine Dorimaga has revealed some new tidbits concerning Square-Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy game for the PS3. Vehicles will be included in the game (just airships or more?) and weapon design is being handled by Tetsu Tsukamoto, a staffer on FFX-2.

Some details involving the female character shown in the E3 trailer were revealed, too – she may not end up being the lead character, but will still fill a very important role and the yellow stripes on her shoulder represent her status in society. The development team says that they want to maintain the presence of a strong, independent female in the game.

Perhaps most interesting, though, are two more little scraps. The scenario (though not necessarily the game) is 80% complete, meaning that it's likely farther along than we think. Also, Square-Enix says that they are looking into incorporating elements of the Playstation 3's freshly revealed motion-sensor technology.

Final Fantasy XIII is not due out until at least 2007.

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