Square-Enix has recently hinted at the vague possibility of a PS3 remake of Final Fantasy VII . Instead of refusing outright, they actually said it would be a "question of timing," which is a big step in another direction for the publisher. However, the official stance hasn't really changed at all.

We're sure all you FF fans have been watching that online petition , and it currently sits at 22,886 signatures. The author figured this was enough to tell Square-Enix about, so he contacted them and actually got a response-

Thank you for contacting SQUARE ENIX Customer Support,

We hope this letter answers your questions.

Our parent company, SQUARE ENIX of Japan, has no current plans to create a sequel or remake to that particular title at this time. This is not to say that it will never happen, it’s just that their development teams are currently focusing on numerous other projects.

We hope this information has been of assistance.

Yeah, well, we like to take solace in that "this is not to say it will never happen" statement. Again, they're just not completely dismissing the idea, and we have to reiterate that this really is a significant change in tone. Besides, Capcom responded favorably to that Resident Evil on PSP petition after 20,000 signatures, so why shouldn't Square-Enix? We'll be sure to keep you posted on what happens…'cuz something may really happen in the near future.

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