Originally expected to be an excellent title for the PS3, Lair has fallen far short according to most critics. But the reviews tend to be all over the place – ranging from as low as a 4 to as high as a 9 – and Sony seems to think those reviewers on the low end of the spectrum need some help. Therefore, they've released the "Lair Reviewer's Guide," which is loaded with helpful information that is designed to let us all know exactly how the game should be played.

The forward is written by Factor 5 President, Julian Eggebrecht, and it says- "Open your mind and hands for something very different!"
Well, many people have had major problems with the motion-sensing aspect of the game, and unfortunately, we don't have the option to use a traditional control scheme. In response to this, Eggebrecht said he believes most game critics are "hardcore gamers who simply don't like motion controls." No, we just don't like crappy controls. But then again, perhaps this guide – with 6 of the 21 pages dedicated entirely to those Sixaxis controls – will open our eyes.

Expect our review soon, but regardless of this "Reviewers Guide," if the game sucks, we're gonna say so. Perhaps we'll come to grips with the controls better than most, and that will be reflected in our final word, but we get the feeling this may just be damage control on the part of Factor 5 and Sony. Simply put, maybe Lair didn't turn out as well as they had hoped. Honestly, though, we sincerely hope we're wrong. 'crosses fingers'

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