Madden NFL 08 on the PS3 didn't turn out well. It ran at a paltry 30fps while its Xbox 360 counterpart ran at a fluid 60fps, and this has seriously annoyed PS3 owners. Furthermore, 2K Sports has said more than once that their sports titles will all run at 60fps on the PS3, which made EA look even worse. However, according to EA Sports boss Peter Moore, the days of EA's lagging behind are numbered.

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Moore said that all future EA Sports games would indeed run at 60 frames per second on the PS3, and that the Madden debacle would be "ancient history" by Christmas. He also stated that EA simply hasn't had the time to "come to grips" with the PS3's hardware, and all this will change with NBA Live 08 . In response to the frames-per-second question posed by GS, Moore said-

"I see it going away with NBA Live 08. I think that we had a little bit of a mea culpa, but we're getting up to speed on the platform. But that's in the past. And beginning with NBA, we're going to see PS3 titles from EA Sports running at 60 frames a second. So all of that'll be forgotten by the holiday."

"Once the consumer gets that (Live 08) in their hands, the Madden issue will become ancient history. I think you look at any development cycle, and when you've had the hardware as long as the studios have for 360 in relation to what they had for PS3, you've got this normal chronology of getting your hands on the hardware a year later. It's a little bit of a hangover from that. But that's behind us now. By the time we get to November and NBA Live ships–all gone."

Well, football fans may not forget until Madden NFL 09 arrives, but at least it's good to know that EA is getting their act together. Finally.

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