There certainly is a lot of news that revolves around Square-Enix these days: first, they reveal their relatively impressive TGS 2007 lineup , and then, we got a horde of new details for Star Ocean 4 . Lastly, let's not forget the resurfacing of that Final Fantasy VII PS3 remake rumor, sparked by a recent Famitsu interview .

But it doesn't end there. If you read that SO4 article, you'll notice that this title is supposed to be exclusive to one next-gen platform. Unfortunately, at the time, we had no idea which platform that would be, although we had guessed it would be either the PS3 or Xbox 360. Common sense would tell us it should be the PS3 – Japanese RPGs and the 360 don't usually gel – but with the advent of Blue Dragon , it's not so automatic, anymore. Well, it seems that has translated more of a recent Famitsu pre-TGS article, and we already have our answer-

"The biggest piece of news revealed is that the game will be exclusive to PlayStation 3."

Excellent! This hasn't been confirmed by Square-Enix, but it certainly makes a lot of sense, and RPG fans should be very excited. Now, if only they would reveal that FF VII remake, that would just make our year…

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