Despite some of the connection issues , firmware update v1.92 has helped in a number of areas. Perhaps most important is the fact that it apparently fixed a number of problems related to the backwards compatibility of certain PS2 games. However, it would really help if we knew what those b/c problems were in the first place, right?

Thankfully, in response to that question, Sony has launched a search engine that shows you exactly what those issues are with many of the games in the PS2 and PS1 libraries. Having trouble getting one of your favorite titles from yesteryear to play on your PS3? Simply type in the name of the game and see what's what. And as you can see on that page, SCEA says they're currently working with publishers to find solutions for peripheral-based games ( Guitar Hero , for example). "Ultimately, however, it will be up to those companies to decide if they want to produce these peripherals to support this gameplay option."

Yeah, we understand that. But the better the backwards compatibility of the PS3 is, the happier we all are, and this search engine is a great feature. The b/c of the 60GB PS3 with the graphics synthesizer chip is truly amazing, but now we'll even know what's wrong with the relatively obscure titles that won't play. And you'll also notice you can choose between the 60GB and 80GB PS3; the results could definitely be very different for the same game…

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