By now, just about every gamer has heard how great Bioshock is, and PS3 owners have been hoping to eventually see this guaranteed Game of the Year candidate on their platform. But 2K Games has continually said that this game is strictly for the Xbox 360 and PC, which has hurt any and all Bioshock PS3 rumors.

However, if you take a listen to IGN's latest Podcast Beyond, there might be something you can do. Say you're one of those many individuals who would like to see this amazing atmospheric FPS come to the PS3, and you're disappointed they haven't planned any port. But hey,we live in a democracy, so perhaps you should stand up and make your voice be heard. One IGN member says-

"So if you guys want that to come to PS3, I´d recommend sending emails to 2K; you definitely should if you wanna see it. That´s how we got the limited edition."

He does have a point. The Limited Edition came about due to fan clamoring for the option, so it seems abundantly clear that 2K will listen to gamer feedback and suggestions. If enough of you send enough e-mails – or perhaps kick off a petition – perhaps you just might get your wish: Bioshock on the PS3. Give it a shot!

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