Despite being pushed back into 2008, Burnout Paradise remains one of the most anticipated games out there. Why? Well, considering most installments in the series were of the highest possible quality ( Revenge garnered numerous Game of the Year nominations), everyone is expecting great things from the newest next-gen entry.

And according to GameSpot's latest Hands-On preview, it appears Criterion is giving racing fans another reason to cheer. We already knew about the PlayStation Eye and Xbox Live Vision camera functionality, but we didn't know just how fleshed-out that option would be: originally, we had only heard of the ability to snap a victory pic after a Takedown, but there's more to it. Now, you can take a picture of yourself for your in-game license! How cool is that? It may be a purely cosmetic feature, but it's still awfully appealing.

Furthermore, the PS3 version is getting a nifty – and unique – feature: the EZ Drive. This will allow you to jump online "with three quick presses of the D-pad." The visuals in both versions appear to be coming along beautifully, and it appears we can expect some seriously intricate details in the racetrack backgrounds. The series is known for flash and panache, and Paradise will certainly be all of that and a bag of chips.

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