Many will credit Resident Evil with pioneering the survival/horror genre, but those in the know will also give credit to Alone in the Dark . The latter may not have brought this style of gaming into the mainstream limelight like RE, but it was arguably the very first game in the new genre. Because of this, many fans were excited to learn of the next-gen Alone in the Dark , which will probably arrive some time next year.

But after initially announcing it for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, the PS3 version mysteriously disappeared from Atari's most recent release schedule, which sparked immediate speculation that it had been delayed. It didn't help that an Atari representative told Eurogamer that the 360 and PC versions "are the first to be released." Thankfully, though, Atari has now said it was all a "misunderstanding," and that the PS3 version is still on track to be launched alongside the 360 and PC versions. All three should've been on that list, plain and simple.

We still don't have an exact release date, as Atari continues to apply the vague "Coming Soon Financial Year 2007/08" label to Alone in the Dark . But if that's true, at the very least, it can't show up later than March 2008.

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