There's no question that Warhawk is a super fun game, but there have been numerous reported issues from players over the past week or so. Unfortunately, some of these problems were evident during the beta testing, and they don't appear to have been fixed.

But Incognito's Dylan Jobe popped up in the official PlayStation forums to clarify the issue a bit, and reassure everyone that the team isn't "sailing around, enjoying the Labor Day holiday" while the issues continue. He admits to having been "pretty quiet" in regards to the "root cause" of the errors, and says they do have fixes for some of them. The three main problems his team is focusing on are-

"Our team here at Incognito along with our great support team in San Diego were, and continue to be, diligently working on these issues," writes Jobe. "I want to reassure everyone that while we *have* been quiet these last few days, it is NOT a sign that we are off on some tropical island somewhere…we are hard at work on the big issues."

With no beating around the bush, Jobe says there have been several "unforeseen issues" that happened when the game went live, and the team has been working towards a cure for Warhawk 's ills. Well, that's good to know. Online games tend to have their little hiccups here and there, and while we're perfectly willing to accept a few of those, we really can't handle too many game connection drops. And we really don't like it when our accomplishments aren't recorded. But hey, the team is workin', so we're happy for now.

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