Obviously, one of the most anticipated publisher lineups for the Tokyo Game Show this year is Square-Enix's, considering it's their 20th anniversary. Thankfully, they have released their list well ahead of time, and there are a few interesting surprises here and there.

For example, The Last Remnant – the first next-generation RPG not called "Final Fantasy" from S-E – will only appear in video form, which is unfortunate, because we had hoped for some actual gameplay at TGS. And another bit of news caused some waves: the old-school S-E fighter, Tobal , is making its return, and will be playable at this year's major event in Tokyo. Unfortunately, it's only for mobile phones…sorry to get your hopes up there, gamers.

Anyway, here's the official lineup. And before you even think about it- no, neither Final Fantasy XIII or a Final Fantasy VII PS3 remake is on these lists.


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