So if you're a PlayStation 3 owner, by now you may have downloaded the newest firmware for the console, Firmware 1.92. As far as what changes have been made to this update, your guess is as good as ours. Sony's official announcement is absurdly bleak and unclear. All it mentions is improved PlayStation 2 software support, and increased Bluetooth performance.

Now, some of the first comments from gamers came regarding Lair and how its motion controls feel tighter as a result of this update. At first I chalked it up to hyperbole, but after testing the game out myself, the claims do hold credence. I didn't think much bad of Lair's controls before, as I got used to them fairly quick, but hey, having them enhanced and tightened up is never a bad thing.

Other reports claim improved efficiency for various features such as web-browsing, which does seem to be correct, as well. Now, I don't recall how I updated my last firmware, but 1.92 didn't require me to connect the USB cord to the SixAxis controller. Unfortunately, not much else can be seen from this update. It is, after all, a minor .2 jump over the last firmware. The next huge update will be 2.0, as it will feature Home support among a whole bunch of other awesome updates, one of which should be custom soundtracks.

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