Sony has unveiled the newest PlayStation 3 starter pack in European regions that'll be replacing the Resistance + MotorStorm pack. The all new starter pack will include a copy of Heavenly Sword and Formula One: CE and a free controller. The total cost? No different than the standard PS3 price, €599 or £425.

In case you're wondering, the PlayStation 3 here is a 60GB model. No price-cut on the base 60GB PS3's has been mentioned. But, allegedly, if your store is sold out of Starter Packs, they will honor the bundle by giving you the games and accessory out of their own inventory.

Moreover, the value of the starter pack amounts to nearly €180 of content that you're getting for free. And if you're still in the hunt for a deal, Blockbuster locations in the UK are selling PlayStation 3's and including two free games of your choice, another SixAxis controller, a free HDMI cable, and two Blu-Ray movies of choice.

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