MotorStorm started out as a fairly solid game, though lacking some features. Overtime, Sony has patched the game and thus improved it. Now it's time for yet another MotorStorm patch, and this one may be its best. For starters, this new patch now allows for additional player-stat improvements. The Coyote Revenge track can now be taken online and into time-attack mode.

Moreover, now instead of defaulting your vehicle selection, the car that'll be displayed will be the last car you chose in that class. Player colors for better enemy and friend tracking has been enhanced in the lobby, allowing you to better distinguish them when you're racing online. Those who purchased Eliminator mode will now have their results from each race contribute to their Fame.

Of course, exploits in Grizzly and Raingod have been cleared up and fixed. As far as headset qualms go, Sony has cleared up random headset cut-off issues, which were caused by firewalls acting up. Additionally, headsets that feature two earphones as well, can now be used in order to listen to the game and voice chat, as opposed to previously being voice audio only.

Apparently, there's a whole bunch of other stuff that's been fixed up, furthermore making MotorStorm a fantastic game today. While it started off missing some components, Sony has done a great job at cleaning it all up.

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