Japanese gamers may have to wait longer for Warhawk , but they're also getting a better deal…provided they have no qualms about being limited to one version of the game.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has finally announced the full details for Warhawk , and it appears it will only arrive in Japan as a downloadable title on the PlayStation Store. They will not get the standard Blu-Ray retail copy with the Jabra Bluetooth headset, which may or may not cause a problem amongst gamers. But if they're interested in the downloadable version, it will become available on October 4, and it'll cost slightly less than its U.S. counterpart. The Japanese downloadable Warhawk will go for 3,800 yen, which comes out to being slightly lower than the $30 it costs in the States.

You guys may not get the Blu-Ray version, but hey, at least you get to save a few bucks on the downloadable, right?

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