Obviously, the issue of console power fuels most "system wars" arguments, and people have been tackling the PS3 vs. Xbox 360 debate for quite some time now. While it seems clear the PS3 is the more powerful machine on paper, those in the 360 camp claim ease of development and accessibility as a bonus of Microsoft's machine. On the other hand, more and more developers are starting to recognize the massive potential of the PS3…Guerilla being one of them.

According to Guerilla's managing director, Hermen Hulst, no other platform could handle Killzone 2 :

"Xbox 360 doesn't have Blu-ray," said Hulst (source: GamesRadar). "PlayStation 3 does. [A single level] is 2GB. We really need Blu-ray to make the game. I don't know how you could fit it on Xbox 360 without taking some shortcuts."

Hulst also added that Blu-Ray isn't important for movies; they "need it for making games." However, most are aware of the storage capability of Blu-Ray, and that's not the only reason Guerilla's massive project is only possible on the PS3. During a recent interview with OPM, Hulst said-

"I firmly believe that what we've shown we can get out of [PS3] would be difficult, if not impossible, to deliver on a competing machine." Another Guerilla representative added- "We literally can't do this stuff on any machine other than PlayStation 3. If you're developing a multi-platform game, you have to find a common denominator between the systems and say: that's what I'm developing for. Whereas someone focused on a single platform can really take advantage of everything it has to offer."

Well, without any doubt, we're excited about Killzone 2 , and even more excited about what the PS3 might be able to deliver in the future.

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