It had been rumored for quite some time, ever since the game was announced only for the PS3 in 2007. But now, it appears it will only be for the PS3…forever. Won't help ya to wait for this one, Xbox 360 owners, because Haze is now officially a PS3 exclusive.

At first, Free Radical had said the PS3 was the "leading platform," and their highly anticipated and atmospheric FPS would arrive on the 360 and PC next year. But now, according to GameSpot UK, the games' publisher, Ubisoft, said they have "no other versions in development." They specifically said they'd "leave the door open for new partnerships," but as of now, the game is only planned for the PS3. As one spokesperson said- "The official statement on PC and Xbox 360 is that these platforms are not confirmed."

It's unfortunate that other major platforms won't see Haze , but hey, let's face it…the PS3 really needed a top-notch exclusive. And we expect this title to be nothing less than top-notch.

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