September marks one of the biggest game shows in the industry…well, actually, with E3's new "smaller and more intimate look," the Tokyo Game Show is probably the biggest, now. And TGS 2007 is destined to hold some significant updates provided by the "Big 3."

But according to European website, they – along with Capcom and Sega – aren't about to wait until the start of the show. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and the aforementioned publishers will all hold private events between now and the start of Japan's show; they intend to talk about some upcoming "surprises." What these surprises may be is anybody's guess, but these will start as early as tomorrow and run straight through into TGS.

The schedule is as follows:

August 31, 2007- Capcom Private Show

September 4, 2007- Sony Meeting, November Lineup

September 5, 2007- Nintendo Private Show, October-December Lineup

First or second week of September- Microsoft meeting

September 14, 2007- Sega Strategy Meeting

As you can see, each company may have different things to talk about, due to a slightly different focus for each meeting. But whatever they have to say is sure to be relatively big news, so we'll keep an eye on them for you. What might they announce prematurely before TGS…?

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