One of the most innovative inventions of the last generation was the EyeToy, and that is prepared to mature into the PlayStation Eye. This neat-o little device should redefine how we approach certain games, and one title – The Eye of Judgment – is designed solely around this accessory.

We knew all this before, but has turned us onto the pricing and release date details: according to this recent listing , the PlayStation Eye will come bundled with The Eye of Judgment , and will release on October 23. It will retail for $59.99, which sounds very similar to the recent Warhawk launch; you get a full game plus a cool accessory for the price for the standard price of any given PS3 or Xbox 360 title.

Furthermore, other upcoming games that will utilize the PlayStation Eye as the primary input device are Aqua Vita , SingStar , Operation Creature Feature , Trials of Topoq , and the much debated Eyedentify (is it really coming or not?). And supposedly, the Eye will also be a secondary input device for Burnout Paradise (scheduled for early 2008); it will take a snapshot of your signature takedown a couple seconds after it happens. Sweet idea, huh?

But anyway, if you like the idea of the PlayStation Eye, you can pick up your interesting purchase on October 23.

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