It makes virtually no sense for Polyphony to keep Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in Japan, and Sony has finally revealed it would let Euro gamers have a go. IGN has confirmed that this highly anticipated title will make its way to Europe at the end of 2007, and like Warhawk , the game is scheduled to release on both the PlayStation Store and on Blu-Ray format.

Furthermore, two very important details came out of this announcement: firstly, it will not be free as Yamauchi had hinted at in a recent interview. Secondly, the PSN version of the game will not feature car damage , but the Blu-Ray version will. At the same time, though, both versions will boast the previously confirmed 40 cars and 16-player online races.

We've already heard about the greatly enhanced AI, and there are even more details to examine now, besides the 16-player racing- a My Garage homepage, global online rankings, Gran Turismo TV (what?), and an online dealership that will offer information on any vehicle or manufacturer. No, Sony didn't give us a date for the European release, but hey, at least it's confirmed that you guys are getting it. We're still sitting here in the U.S., desperately waiting for our announcement…

Not that a Japanese Store account is difficult, but even so.

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