As you probably already know, the downloadable version of Warhawk is sittin' there, rarin' to go on the PlayStation Store. However, if you're planning share this bad boy with your buddies, let us disabuse you of that notion right now:

Most downloadable games from the Network can be shared with up to 5 PS3 machines, but the online-only Warhawk is restricted to just one console. If you look at the game's description on the Store, it clearly says that it will only be playable through Network account that purchased the game, and this can only be done on one system in a 24-hour period. Now, while this isn't a major drawback, it does fly in the face of something Jack Tretton told the GameLife blog before the PS3 launch:

"You can send that content to four other friends for that initial investment," said Tretton. "We want to get the game in as many hands as possible. It's not about generating profits at each and every interaction with the consumer. I think that really offsets the argument that says, 'Wow, that's a really pricey system.'"

Hmm…well, perhaps it will be a different story with the Blu-Ray version that should be in stores today. But as it stands, you cannot share the downloadable version of Warhawk across multiple PS3s, so get the idea out of your head.

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