We're always on the go, so anything mobile tends to appeal to the American gamer. What with cell phones being a staple of our society, and the PlayStation brand bigger than ever before, shouldn't we assume we'd see a PlayStation-branded phone at some point? The rumors have been flying about that idea, and PocketGamer UK recently asked the question of a Sony Ericsson representative.

Sony's Peter Ahnegard, in talking about the future of mobile gaming, hinted at the definite possibility of a PS phone some time in the near future. His reply to the question, "So when is the PlayStation phone coming?" is as follows:

"I've been waiting for that one! To explain our position I need to look at the brands we've developed so far, in particular the Cyber-shot and Walkman phones. When we looked at all the assets we could muster for music and imaging the services, downloads and overall proposition, we felt that we could create something that really lived up to the values of the brand and fill all the required boxes. We're not launching a brand of handset simply because we can, but because we can lead up to the expectations of the consumer.

Up until today we haven't felt we could launch a PlayStation phone because it wouldn't be recognised as a true continuation of that brand of products."

Yes, it's that "up until today" part that catches our eye, because it of course implies that Sony Ericsson has commenced the brainstorming process. Right? PocketGamer wanted to know if it's something we could see before Christmas (an ambitious question), and Ahnegard responded-

"It's obviously something that we're looking at but right now I can't really comment. Before Christmas, certainly… but exactly which Christmas I can't confirm!"

Damn, we were really close to an all-out confirmation there. But it still seems relatively clear that a PlayStation phone is a very real possibility for the future, and something that should be a major addition to both the mobile phone and mobile gaming world. Remember the PSP phone rumors? Well, an actual PS Phone seems far more plausible at this point.

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