How much further can gaming really go? Well, according to the latest tech-related rumor, quite a long way. We're talking about 3D, and not the 3D pioneered by the likes of Mario 64 ; no, we're talking about actual virtual 3D. Could the PS3 provide such an unbelievably simulated experience?

This rumor started due to a GameSpot report that talked about a 3D video demonstration held by Mitsubishi, where a comment was made regarding Blu-Ray players feasibly taking advantage of the tech on display. No mention of the PS3 popped up, but as Sony's game system is also a BD player, it is only logical to assume this new tech could apply to the PS3. This turned into speculation that Sony might eventually prepare a 3D-enabled PS3 console in 2008, and while certainly not confirmed, we still think it's a seriously cool idea.

If Sony could manage a true 3D experience on their gaming system, it would definitely give them a leg up on the competition. They already have the most advanced and capable (on paper) console on the market, but this could turn into one hell of a marketing campaign, couldn't it? "The closest we can get to virtual reality, only on the PlayStation 3?" Stuff like that? Well, anyway, Sony has yet to comment on any of this, but it's still fun to think about.

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