If this keeps up, something massive is going to boil over in waves between the world's biggest video game publisher and Sony. Electronic Arts have had their issues developing titles for the PS3 ( Madden NFL 08 was certainly inferior on Sony's next-gen system), and they've made plenty of excuses. But the latest isn't an excuse; it's an all-out accusation.

Check out what a NASCAR developer from EA Tiburon said to Xbox Evolved, in regards to a PS3/Xbox 360 comparison:

“The truth is the PS3’s tools and the way it works just sucks. The truth is they are both virtually the same in terms of hardware when it comes to how powerful they are, maybe the PS3 has a few different things that makes it a bit more advance, and Sony has this idea that it is designed for optimal development but that’s a load of crap. In the last generation we would make the game for PS2 and then port it over to Xbox, but because Xbox was easier to develop for, we could actually enhance the title a little if we wanted to. The case with this generation is different, now we make the game for 360 first and then port it over to PS3, but we really don’t have the time to mess with how the PS3 works to really add to much more. It will change in the future, but for now it sucks.”

Well, this is bound to set the sparks flying. There are several parts of this statement that make it sound as if EA is completely incompetent, and others that actually sound viable. But in general, we can only compare to what we've seen from other developers on the PS3…and we have to conclude that EA, quite simply, is lagging behind. There are plenty of great-looking PS3 games on the way, and 2K Sports has already said one of their titles, NBA 2K8 , would run at 60fps on the PS3, very much un like Madden 08 .

We're not really sure what EA's problem is, but they had best figure it out. Fast. Most every other developer seems to get it just fine, and these sour grapes aren't only borderline-fanboyish, they also seem to misrepresent the PS3 development process. Crytek is excited about their PS3 project, Epic is preparing a very pretty Unreal Tournament 3 , and Killzone 2 looks pretty damn amazing. Ain't Sony's fault EA can't deliver the goods, is it?

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