Psyched for Warhawk this week? We sure are. And if you're opting for the downloadable version, Sony has some good news for ya-

As you can see, they've opened up the Warhawk Portal , and one thing is abundantly clear: the game will be available for download at 12:01 AM ET on Tuesday, August 28. We knew it would hit some time that day, but we had no idea it would be an exact midnight launch. So if you really can't wait until the sun comes up to take to the skies, head on to the PlayStation Store after midnight and pick up your purchase.

One other tidbit of news- according to a forum member over at the PS3Forums, both the PSN and Blu-Ray versions of the game will take up 789MB of space on your hard drive. This is noted to be "similar to the file Resistance puts on your hard drive to reduce loading times," and he also mentions you can't boot your copy from this cache file: you absolutely need the disc for the Blu-Ray version…which is hardly surprising. Yeah, 789MB is a lot of space, but hey, it's Warhawk . It's wicked fun.

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