Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is one hell of an anticipated game for something that's basically just a demo on steroids. But hey, it's GT, and that's good enough. Recently, Kotaku spoke to series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, and they talked about how Prologue will feature a series of firsts, including online play, damage effects for cars, and fully modeled interiors.

Yes, you read that correctly: damage effects. Fans have been clamoring for GT to have some kind of damage model, and it seems Polyphony Digital has listened…but we don't know the specifics. Yamauchi simply confirmed this system would be in effect, but we're not sure if it's implemented into Prologue just yet. And due to this new gameplay addition, you can't expect to smack a car, shove it aside, and get to the front without suffering any penalty. The AI will respond to this as well, and in general, you'll be looking at a sharper and more dynamic opponent intelligence.

Furthermore, we learned that a new force feedback steering wheel is being prepared specifically for this game, so that's good news for all the hardcore racers out there. In the end, we've got a surprising damage model, better AI, a new wheel, and of course, the previously reported better physics mechanic. Unfortunately, we still have no idea if Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will arrive in North America. Yamauchi said they'll be "evaluating fan interest," and then decide if a U.S. and Canada version "makes sense."

It makes sense, Kaz. It makes sense.

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