Usually, we hate announcing any kind of delay for a highly anticipated PS3 game. But while we feel inclined to tell you about this one, don't prepare for a catastrophe…we're only talking about a couple of days, here.

Previously, we had learned that the downloadable version of Warhawk would release on August 28 in Europe (even though the Blu-Ray version wouldn't arrive until September 21). Well, the latter version hasn't changed, but the downloadable Warhawk won't arrive until August 30. Yeah, just two days.

"As you know," a Sony spokesperson told CVG, "Thursday is the usual day for our PS Store refresh. We are sorry for any inconvenience that the extra 48 hours wait may cause."

Ah, okay. That makes sense. So the game may be ready to go on the 28th, but the Store won't have it to download until the 30th, which sounds perfectly logical. Online games are a relatively new thing for us console gamers, so there are little intricacies – like Store "refreshes" – that we're simply not used to. But a couple days ain't nothin' to cry about.

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