The rumor of Crysis on the PS3 has all but died, but in the process, we've learned that the developer behind the highly anticipated PC FPS – Crytek – is working hard on an upcoming PS3 title. According to PS3Fanboy, the team is "heavily invested" in console development, and studio boss Cevat Yerli said- "Our PS3 development is going deeper than many people assume right now." …oh yeah?

They're already preparing one game, and it's being built "from the ground up" for the PS3. However, don't think it'll be another shooter, because they're clearly working on something entirely new.

"It's a complete departure from Crysis and Far Cry, it's not a first-person shooter," explained Yerli. "For that, we're optimising technology, but for another reason, the future in general, there is a dedicated PS3 team."

Whatever this game is, it will also be available on the Xbox 360, but it's obvious they're working closely with the PS3 architecture so their vision comes to complete fruition. But above it all is something else Yerli said, and it involves "secret technologies," which is bound to slap a giant smile on every PS3 owner from here to Constantinople.

"The PS3 room is separate because we have some secret technologies being developed there which are not related to CryEngine 2," Yerli cryptically finished.

Crysis looks absolutely unbelievable, and while it doesn't appear it will arrive for consoles, Crytek might be brewing up something even more unbelievable for the PS3. As soon as more details are revealed, we'll be sure to be all over them…it's another highly competent developer who wants to take advantage of the PS3's power, and that's nothing but great news.

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