Don't ask us why this month's NPD is trickling in, because we
still haven't received the market growth numbers, and we're
waiting on a top 20 software chart too. In any case, here's the
top ten games chart for July. Nothing that's too surprising, as
NCAA Football 08 came out on top.

NCAA Football 08 sold a fantastic 397k copies on the Xbox 360,
and pulled in decent numbers on the PS3 with 156k. Guitar Hero
Rock the 80s came in strong and sold 339k games. Meanwhile both
versions of Guitar Hero 2 continue to perform exceptionally well
after all this time.

Wii Play w/controller, fueled by insane sales of the Wii, remains
steady on the chart by selling 278k. And surely enough, it seems
like no top ten would be complete without a Pokemon game, and
Pokemon Diamond comes in selling 144k.

Xbox 360: NCAA Football 08 EA Sports 397k

PS2: Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s Activision 339k

Wii: Wii Play w/Remote Nintendo 278k

PS2: NCAA Football 08 EA Sports 236k

Wii: Mario Party 8 Nintendo 177k

PS3: NCAA Football 08 EA Sports 156k

NDS: Pokemon Diamond Nintendo 144k

PS2: Transformers: The Game Activision 143k

PS2: Guitar Hero 2 w/Guitar Activision 138k

Xbox 360: Guitar Hero 2 w/Guitar Activision 108k

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