And so here are the NPD hardware sales for the month of July.
Following the price-drop announcement at E3, the PlayStation 3
managed to sell a respectable 159k consoles for the entire month.
Yet again, analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan was
painfully wrong in his assessment that the PS3 outsold the X360 by
40k units in July. The Xbox 360 edged out the PlayStation 3 by
11k. But when you take into account how much cheaper the Xbox 360
costs ($300/$400 vs. $500), Sony still put up good numbers.

Still, this month's tracking was to Sony's advantage, as it
started July 8th and ended August 4th. For reference, Sony
announced their price-drop on July 10th, so a vast majority of
July's sales were fueled by the price-drop. In any case, I hope
that this momentum keeps up. Hopefully with the new
MotorStorm/80GB model added in last week, the PlayStation 3 has
what it takes for even more sales, possibly outselling the X360
in August.

The Nintendo units on the other hand are selling like no
tomorrow. The Nintendo Wii found 425k more homes, and the
Nintendo DS isn't far behind with 405k. Unlike in Japan, the
PlayStation 2 continues to sell fantastic numbers for a console
that is 7 years old. Likewise, the PSP is enjoying its momentum
from its $30 price-drop, as it went on to sell a terrific 214k
units. Perhaps another price-cut this holiday will lift it up
even more.

Nintendo Wii 425 k

Nintendo DS 405 k

Sony PS2 222k

Sony PSP 214k

Xbox 360 170k

Sony PS3 159k

Nintendo GBA 87k

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