Okay, so Euro gamers had the chance to download that sweet Folklore demo yesterday, but the U.S. isn't far behind…we think. Perhaps this is an announcement we already know about, and perhaps this doesn't affect the U.S. PlayStation Store, but we'd like to think it does.

If you check the official Folklore website , you'll notice a few things. Firstly, they've added a Trailer and a Wallpapers section to the site (it was completely blank not that long ago), and they've also posted up something that caught our eye in the upper right-

August 23rd

Be the first to cross over to the other side.
Download the demo from the Playstation Network.
Discover the mystery…

Um…that's today. So if it's true, we'll download this bad boy and give you a hands-on preview. If not, than we can still hope to see the demo very soon; after all, our buddies over there in Europe already got PlayTV and Go!Explore. You can't expect to get everything , now can you?

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