One of the biggest announcement's during Sony's press conference at the GC 2007 yesterday was the unveiling of PlayTV for PAL territories. This plan allows the PS3 to act as a TV recorder (you can record one channel while watching another), and the PSP will even be able to act as a remote access device. Sony is definitely going all-out in attempting to prove their console is the absolute best fit for any entertainment center.

"With the introduction of PlayTV's state of the art TV tuner and PVR functionality, PS3 is now the best choice of home entertainment hub for the whole family," said Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's David Reeves.

But if you're wondering when PlayTV will arrive in the U.S., Sony's Phil Harrison has provided an unfortunate (but somewhat expected) answer: not soon, and perhaps never. He pointed out this country's limitations in the realm of digital terrestrial television coverage, and the lack of a single nationwide satellite TV provider. In Europe, Sony has the benefit of linking up with BSkyB. Okay, so this time, it appears you Euro gamers have a victory in the video game world…we suggest you savor it, no offense.

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