The PS3 is one powerful machine, there's no doubt about that. But the more experts get involved with Sony's new console, the more they're impressed with it's potential. During an interview with Dr. Dobbs Portal, the President and Founder of Allegorithmic, Sebastien Deguy, explains his company's leap to the PS3.

He talks about the significant abilities presented by their ProFX system, and how well it will work in conjunction with the PS3. In response to a question that asks Deguy about the "benefits and challenges multi-core processors bring to the scene," Deguy had this to say-

"…programming the PS3's eight Synergistic Processing Units (SPUs) can be quite challenging from time to time, but there is definitely a lot to gain from the architecture, and ProFX on PS3 should run impressively fast."

"A very cool side effect of the PS3's architecture is that ProFX should be able to continuously stream textures — using one or two SPUs to compute the textures to be given to the GPU to be displayed, that's a huge bonus for adding rich content to games without having to stream that content from the BluRay or overloading the sole GPU of the machine."

Yeah, it sounds awfully technical, but it also sounds quite positive, doesn't it? Much has been made about the possibilities of Sony's next-gen console, and most developers are acknowledging the power and flexibility of the PS3. But perhaps games will be looking even better than we had imagined… As Deguy said, we should be seeing "more graphically impressive games than ever." Well, we can't wait!

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