Certainly one of the biggest games on display at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig is Epic's Unreal Tournament 3 , and it appears that Sixaxis controls are definitely a part of the experience.

The game's massive super-weapon, The Redeemer, can now be controlled in camera mode by tilting the PS3 controller from left to right. Those who had a chance to use this feature in the game on display said it worked quite well, too. But it doesn't end there; remember that UT3 has more than just weapons and pretty environments, it also has a kick-ass little toy. This fun and very effective unit is the hoverboard, which is also handled by the Sixaxis motion sensing controls- twist it 'round and 'round to perform spins and other tricks!

As for the game itself, reports are very positive. The game is currently running at 60fps on the PS3, and the PC version appeared basically identical at the show. They have already confirmed mouse and keyboard support for the PS3 version, but Epic hasn't yet clarified the cross-platform play – between PS3 and PC – possibility. For now, Unreal Tournament 3 continues to receive plenty of positive feedback, and we can't wait to see this bad boy in November.

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