The first big announcement of the GC 2007 has arrived: it's called PlayTV, and it lets you watch and record your favorite TV shows on the PS3, completely independently of one another. In other words, you can watch one show while saving another. The user can choose any show and save it to the hard drive by selecting from a slick seven-day guide on the machine. Perhaps most impressive of all is the fact you can remotely operate this feature with the PSP! Not only can you set your PS3 to record a show from work, but you can also stream that show directly to your PSP for viewing on the go. How sweet is that?

This option will utilize the Digital Video Broadcasting standard, and can display the picture in any high-definition resolution, depending on your TV.

"The introduction of PlayTV really will extend the already broad entertainment credentials of PS3, and makes it an exceptionally attractive proposition for the whole family," said David Reeves, head boss of Sony Europe.

This awesome new feature will be available in early 2008 in Europe (UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany), although we have no official word yet on when it may arrive in the U.S. We'll keep you posted as the Sony press conference rolls on.

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