Whenever a big event like the Games Covention in Leipzig comes around, the rumors increase by about a thousand percent. And of course, as we should've expected, the confirmed rumbling Sixaxis rumor is back yet again. But this time, it appears an actual publication may have real evidence…

According to the Japanese Dengeki PlayStation Magazine – quoted over at the NeoGAF forums – the new Sixaxis equipped with force feedback; also called the Dual Shock 3, is almost ready for release. Not only that, but it will be compatible with the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 Prologue , which would make many racing fans happy. In fact, if the picture posted here is to be believed, the new rumbling Sixaxis will drop at the same time as Prologue , and that's some time this October.

Sony has been quietly phasing out the launch controllers with slightly revamped ones that eliminate "dark spots" in the motion sensing. But now, it seems yet another version is on the way, and this one will boast the much-disputed rumble feature; a feature Sony once said was "last-gen." Perhaps they will officially announce – or debunk – this later on today during the Sony press conference…we'll have to wait and see.

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